Ireland is a centre of
economic growth

Ireland has a love affair with shopping cultivated by a young, brand-conscious population. With a high disposable income, compared to other European cities, these highly educated, youthful consumers are accelerating Ireland’s economic growth far beyond the EU average.

Over 1,200 global companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Dropbox have their European headquarters here. And many more continue to migrate to Irish shores strengthening a dynamic economy and driving GDP growth above US and EU levels.


Higher Consumer Confidence
Than Ever Before


A Thriving Business Capital

The cosmopolitan culture of Dublin has elevated its commercial reputation raising it to third in the world rankings for retail and office investment. The quality of contemporary architecture sets the tone for this bustling capital and its soaring economic activity.
The Greater Dublin Area accounts for 53.5% of national GDP, Dublin alone accounts for 45.2% of GDP.